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Epicor P21 Integration with BigCommerce: A Complete Guide

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Epicor Prophet 21 is a fit-for-purpose ERP system specially made for the Distributors. This article covers how the Epicor Prophet 21 ERP Integration with your BigCommerce platform will help increase the sales for your online store.


BigCommerce is one of the best eCommerce stages for organizations who need to set up another site rapidly and effectively. Its estimating alternatives are much more financially savvy than those of Magento, making BigCommerce an ideal answer for smaller organizations that are new to the business. Its interface is easy to use and rearranges the way toward making a B2B or B2C site. Having taken a shot at more than 80,000 stores for an aggregate of 6.6 billion in income, BigCommerce has turned into a critical player in the eCommerce stage advertise.

Epicor Prophet 21

Numerous producers and wholesalers crosswise over ventures use Epicor Prophet 21 (P21) as their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). An ERP is a product that is coordinated into the administration procedures of a business, frequently working continuously to anticipate exacerbating mistakes or a stop in activities. Epicor P21 is a mainstream ERP that powers a Digital Distribution Tool at the backend of a framework.

Why Integrate?

Information incorporation enables organizations to consolidate information living in various sources, to give clients a continuous perspective on business execution. As a procedure, reconciliation is the initial move toward changing information into important and significant data.

Synchronizing Customers, Items, Inventory, Order Data

Basic Requirements

Both systems have their own API and Webhooks ready to dispatch. If you have any other customizations, you should build your own API.

Customer service

Customers who sign-up will be integrated to P21 with all fields and their respective customer ID will be generated by P21 and stored back in Bigcommerce as a customer custom field for reference.

Orders service

Whenever an order is placed, it will be integrated to P21 with all fields and their respective order ID will be generated by P21 and stored back in Bigcommerce as an order custom field for reference.

The Benefits of Integrating the Data through Epicor Prophet 21 ERP Integration

Benefits of Epicor Prophet 21 ERP IntegrationIntegrate data from multiple sources

You are utilizing huge amounts of utilizations, frameworks, and information distribution centers inside your association. By the by, these information sources are unique and siloed; accordingly, it’s hard to comprehend all the accessible data.

For better joint effort, it is crucial to associate all the various information sources with one another to misuse the estimation of bits of knowledge. When all the data is accessible in a solitary spot progressively for quite a few partners, you will have the option to utilize the data for improving procedures and giving better client assistance.

Improve customer experience

Siloed informational collections avoid a total perspective on clients which affects deals and at last income. Just when you approach continuous client data just as the recorded information would you be able to focus on your clients with the correct message at the opportune time to improve your client experience, unwaveringly and at last income.

Incremental efficiency

In the event that you need to always move between various frameworks to assemble understanding, your profitability is fundamentally decreased. With programmed information coordination, your information from all the various sources is pooled into a solitary client view, enabling you to be progressively beneficial.

How Cloras helps Implement your Epicor Prophet 21 ERP Integration?

In Cloras, we take care of custom services apart from Prophet 21 services (i.e. we take care of all the business logic that Prophet 21 doesn’t afford). Other than this, Cloras easily integrates BigCommerce with P21 using a lot of integration features like flow builder, advanced modifiers and detailed logging. As a result of this, as a client, you need not be worried about hectic tasks and running your business at ease. This is just one good example of using Cloras. To know more, request a demo so you can see it work.


Cloras features ERP and CRM connectors to help you with organizing the essential applications to control your undertaking. With mix connectors for ERPs like Epicor P21, Eclipse, and significantly more to online business applications like Magento, BigCommerce, etc. Cloras enables you to immaculately interface and fuse with the applications that your business needs to create, advance, and serve your customers at the level they merit.




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