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Advanced Wireless Communications (AWC) is a leader in the design and integration of wireless communications solutions. Headquartered in the Minneapolis / Saint Paul Metropolitan Area, they have been creating onsite wireless systems that help businesses communicate effectively since 1992. AWC has the expertise and experience to create the best solution to meet your needs.

Dedicated to providing best in class customer service and satisfaction for all their customers; they offer onsite installations nationally, radio and system repair, and a dedicated support team.

  • UX and UI
  • Magento 2 Implementation
  • Cloras Integration



Magento 2


Advanced Wireless Communications

ADVANCED WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS-Magento 2 Epicor Integration Using Cloras

Essential Move

Previously, Advanced Wireless Communications’ online store was not giving the customer experience they preferred. It was pretty complex to navigate through and also a few important attributes such as the forgot password option, registration through forms, trigger emails, and a login option for adding products, were not in place. Also, there were no registration forms, so the accounts could not automatically be created.

DCKAP proposed a custom-built B2B solution to enhance their e-tailing presence, using the latest offerings from Magento Open Source Edition 2.x. The custom solution was integrated with EPICOR Cloud by using Cloras, an ERP connector. A lot of thought went into this, following which several features were implemented.

Greater Digital Customer Experience

Customer experience is now a pillar of the B2B world! However, B2B customers’ buying patterns are more complex than those of a business focused on retail customers. DCKAP made it a point to create a competitive advantage to Advanced Wireless Communications (AWC) by putting their B2B customers first and managing customers’ journey by offering a top-notch user experience with implementing the following features:

  • Creating an improved search function to find products effortlessly.
  • Reducing complexities in navigation by using a pagination scroll.
  • Placing an Add-to-Cart button for seamlessly adding items to the shopping cart.
  • Redirecting users through different category pages.
  • Adding different types of products besides simple products.
  • Increasing the user’s attention span by using an engrossing design.
  • Clearly convey the product, service, or solution provided by the company.

Magento 2 EPICOR Integration Using Cloras

DCKAP wanted to extend the functionalities of AWC’s website with powerful features. Beyond building the online store on Magento 2, AWC is also integrated with EPICOR Cloud using Cloras, an Enterprise Integration Platform to manage all integrations from one place and a middleware that enables data-sync from the EPICOR Cloud system to the Magento eCommerce website. With Magento 2 EPICOR Integration using Cloras, the following features can be effectively done:

  • Customer Creation Updation
  • Product Creation Updation
  • Order Creation Updation
  • Dynamic Pricing and Tax Calculation
  • Repair Request Create and Status Update to Customer (mail trigger)
  • Serial Number Validation for Product and Customer
  • Get Customer Address
  • Offline Orders, Invoice, and Payment
  • Price for Customers on Repair Request (based on warranty)

Paving Way For B2B eCommerce

Relentless tech-innovation has driven digital transformation of the B2B Industry with Frost & Sullivan predicting global B2B commerce sales will reach over $6.6 trillion by 2020. The numbers are huge. So are the opportunities. DCKAP, with Magento, built a profit-making digital store for AWC with all the essential features to convert visitors into buyers. Check out the key features DCKAP implemented.

  • Quick Order – Simplifying the order experience for customers
  • Dynamic Pricing – Product pricing based on customers
  • Offline Orders – Get offline orders
  • Specific Login – Login based on each user
  • Out of Stock Products Purchase – Buy out of stock items along with an estimated delivery date
  • Call for Price Option – Can be used when the prices aren’t available online.
  • Multiple Invoice – See multiple invoices of a particular order in the account section.
  • Ship Partial Orders – Orders sent in multiple shipments
  • Floating/Mini Cart – Lists the product details (Product Name, SKU, Thumbnail Image, Quantity, Update Quantity,
  • Delete Product option)
  • Order Trigger – Creating an order without payment details
ADVANCED WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS-Enabling Greater Customer Experience

Thank you! Your company far exceeded our expectations and we would recommend you to others if asked! Thanks again!


Scott Thompson

IT Manager & Project Lead, Advanced Wireless Communications

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