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MDS HVAC, a wholesale HVACR (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration) supply company is headquartered in Doraville, with two satellite warehouses in Duluth and Marietta. From humble beginnings, MDS has expanded significantly; now having a combined 70,000 square feet of warehouse space, eight delivery trucks, and a fully operational duct board shop.

They supply contractors throughout the metro Atlanta area and the Southeast with residential and light commercial HVAC supplies. And we will always be committed to great customer service.

  • UX and UI
  • Magento 2 implementation
  • Epicor P21 Integration
  • Third-party integration

Magento 2


Manufactured Duct & Supply

dckap MDS HVAC case study
dckap MDS HVAC case study

The Story of Transformation

MDS did not have an E-commerce site, so the customers were able to place orders only during business hours. Their customers have multiple ways to place orders. The customers can email the order list to MDS HVAC sales representatives, who would then enter it into their ERP system.
The customers could also come to one of their 3 locations and place an order at MDS sales counter. At the end of the business day, the customer will receive an invoice via email or mail for their order, confirming all the items that have been ordered, received and billed.
The customers were not able to receive immediate notifications of orders placed and orders fulfilled. They were also unable to view the stock and the exact day to day pricing for all the products.

MDS did not have online sales and they wanted to create a B2B site that fit into their customer’s day-to-day lives. Magento 2 had the framework that customers knew and like to navigate.

DCKAP implemented CLORAS to blend their ERP system (P21) with Magento 2 making it work for MDS HVAC and their customers.

A Simple and Easily Accessible Website

An effective web design is important for any B2B company. We wanted the website to reflect the brand at its best. The UX experience was improved by using a minimalistic approach. Our motto was to,

  • Immediately capture the visitor’s attention
  • Help the visitor to clearly get an understanding as to what the product, service, or solution the company provides
  • Be visually engaging
  • Not direct the users through complex navigations and category pages.
  • Choose a web design that would take the visitors on a journey.
  • Approach conversation marketing rather than just content marketing.
dckap MDS HVAC case study
dckap MDS HVAC case study

Smooth Integration of Data through Cloras

MDS HVAC has been set up with Magento 2 as an online store. To unify their online and offline channel, we integrated their site end-to-end with ERP EPICOR P21 using our product CLORAS. This enables the business to provide their B2B customers with the omnichannel experience.

The various features which were interlinked and integrated with Magento Open Source for MDS HVAC are:

  1. Customer Approval Login
  2. Dynamic Customer Pricing
  3. Request for Quote
  4. Credit Line Offer
  5. Multi-warehouse Inventory Sync
  6. Store Pickup Shipping Method
  7. MDS Truck Shipping Method
  8. Order Processing

Third Party Integrations / Extensions

There is hardly an eCommerce system today that does not involve some kind of 3rd party integration. The eCommerce ecosystem has evolved and there are highly specialized plug-ins that cater to every kind of business operation imaginable. Based on the needs of MDS HVAC, the Magento 2 Developers at DCKAP have implemented the following third-party integrations/extensions…

  1. BSS Custom Checkout Field
  2. FME Google Maps Store Locator
  3. MagePlaza Layered Navigation
  4. Prince Product Attachment
  5. Smartwave for Porto Theme
  6. DCKAP Cloras for Integration with P21
  7. DCKAP Tax Exemption
  8. DCKAP Quick Order
  9. Few Custom Modules by DCKAP
dckap MDS HVAC case study
dckap MDS HVAC case study

The Power of Open Source B2B eCommerce

Magento is a pliable E-commerce platform that provides online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system, as well as control over the look, content and functionality of their online store. The project plan included custom integrations to expand the functionalities of Magento 2, along with improving the shopping experience of the customer. We have written and implemented the custom modules for the functionalities below.

  • Registration customization for existing ERP customer.
  • Multi-warehouse handling.
  • Shipping calculation based on the distance.
  • Customization of the fields based on the shipping method.
  • Payment with a credit line.
  • Dynamic pricing.
  • Custom duct board.
  • Request quote handling.
  • P21 Integration
  • Edit order in P21

"MDS needed a B2B site that our customers wanted to use, a site that was intuitive to how our customers already used ecommerce in their day to day lives. Most ERP ecommerce solutions do not function the way our customers need them to. DCKAP took a great platform, Magento, and made it work with our ERP system."

Christa Shoukry

Vice President at Manufactured Duct & Supply

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