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KOA CCTV is one of the leading wholesale distributors of CCTV Cameras, DVRs, Audio & Video Products and Home Innovation. KOA CCTV offers a diverse selection of state-of-the-art business and residential security products, thereby guarding property and enhancing the safety of many personal and commercial applications. Based in California, with 4 branches, they have been supplying their products all over the United States, Canada & South-America for well over 10 years now. KOA CCTV distributes products from leading manufacturers of security, life safety, access & surveillance, and enables clients to reach new levels of profits, as well as shine in the competitive landscape.

M2-Epicor Eclipse


eCommerce Store: KOA CCTV had set up their store in Magento 2 – A forerunning eCommerce platform that caters to any degree of customization and business requirement.

ERP Platform: A comprehensive fit-for-purpose back end platform that covers all wholesale distribution operations encompassing dynamic pricing, credit purchase, order processing, and so on.

Challenge Faced

Having said that, KOA CCTV had their front end and back end bases covered by Magento 2 and Epicor Eclipse, the company wanted to scale up their business. When that was the vision, there came a hurdle. The company was finding it an uphill task to speed up their workflow, automate most of the bulk data transfers, complete order processing, and fulfillment quickly and had no time bandwidth to concentrate more on new implementations.


Business Requirement

In order to scale up their revenue and take their business to the next level, KOA CCTV strongly felt that their key business data such as orders, customers, products, pricing and inventory to be synchronized real-time between Magento 2 and Eclipse ERP. The company needed someone to bridge all this data in real-time, between Magento 2 and Epicor Eclipse, as well as implement complex business logic for their Magento 2 – Eclipse Integration. With no surprise, CLORAS was the bridge!


The key decision-makers of KOA CCTV had a brief conversation with our integration experts and solution specialists who understood their business standpoint and challenges in no time. Our solution specialists immediately came up with the one big fix to overcome the pain points and speed up their overall workflow – with Magento 2 Epicor Eclipse Integration using CLORAS. Our sales team provided a short demo of CLORAS and showed how easy it would be to integrate the systems using CLORAS. Proceeding this, our integration experts got started with the integration setup very soon, and they integrated certain key data points between Magento 2 and KOA CCTV.

Customer Data

Any customer data that gets fed into the Magento 2 store on account of new subscriptions, orders, quote requests and/or general information updates on information such as name, email, phone and so on, get immediately updated into Eclipse ERP.

   Data Flow: Magento 2 to Epicor Eclipse

Order Processing

The latest order processing information, such as order status, delivery date, shipment details, and delivery charges, synchronizes with the Magento 2 store so that any customer who logs in will know their current order status.

     Data Flow: Epicor Eclipse to Magento 2

Products and Pricing

All product and catalog information, along with their accurate pricing, gets synced on a scheduled basis from Eclipse ERP to the Magento 2 store.

     Data Flow: Epicor Eclipse to Magento 2

New Orders

CLORAS bridges the two platforms and synchronizes all orders and quote requests on security equipment that are placed on the Magento 2 storefront, with their Eclipse backend, so the orders are available in time for teams to process and fulfill them.

     Data Flow: Magento 2 to Epicor Eclipse

Real-Time Inventory

Accurate stock details (present in different warehouses) that are managed in Eclipse update in real-time into Magento 2, eliminating incorrect product inventory data in the Magento 2 store.

     Data Flow: Epicor Eclipse to Magento 2

Account Credit Balance

CLORAS helps Magento 2 to display accurate credit balances specific to each customer, by transferring the credit balance from Eclipse to Magento 2. This way, the customer knows how much of a balance they have left for making further orders.

     Data Flow: Epicor Eclipse to Magento 2

Magento 2 + Epicor Eclipse: Post-Integration

CLORAS Integration experts setup the complete integration, connecting all the data points that were mentioned in the Statement of Work, in a span of just a few weeks. After delivering the integration project to the client, the team was more than happy to see their two systems connected. Gradually, the company saw their processes speed up, orders get fulfilled way faster, and experience more orders, the right signs for scaling up their distribution business. Eventually, their revenue increased multifold, customers were completely satisfied, and all their requirements got a green checkmark.

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